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The Latest Development Permits In Spirit River.

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Date of Decision: October 6, 2023

Application: 2023-12
Name: Tatonka Meats
Lot: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Block: A
Plan: 1970BP
Proposed Development: Exterior alteration to a food retail building (Exterior walls & roof)

Date of Decision: September 22, 2023

Application: 2023-11
Name: The M.D. of Spirit River No. 133
Block: 27
Plan: 7521098
Proposed Development: Entrance sign for the Fish & Wildlife (96" X 42")

Date of Decision: September 12, 2023

Application: 2023-10
Name: Darryl Easter
Lot: 5
Block: 26
Plan: 7822497
Proposed Development: Accessory structure (Storage shed - 16' X 12')

Date of Decision: September 6, 2023

Application: 2023-09
Name: Landrace Realty
Lot: 16
Block: 4
Plan: 7059BD
Proposed Development: Exterior alteration to a professional services building (Exterior walls & roof)
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