Spirit River Development & Permits

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Current Permits

Date of Decision: February 12, 2024

Application: 2024-01
Name: Rebecca Newman
Lot: 11
Block: 1
Plan: 6129HW
Proposed Development: Building Addition

Date of Decision: April 10, 2024

Application: 2024-03
Name: Anna Comeau
Lot: 20
Block: 1
Plan: 6129HW
Proposed Development: Manufactured Home

Date of Decision: April 11, 2024

Application: 2024-02
Name: Tony & Barbara Schulter
Lot: 68
Block: 23
Plan: 2420574
Proposed Development: Single Detached Dwelling with Detached Garage

Date of Decision: May 3, 2024

Application: 2024-04
Name: Ronald Oe
Lot: 11 & 12
Block: 17
Plan: 7621493
Proposed Development: Manufactured Home Subdivision District (MHS)
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