Residents of Spirit River

As most residents know, the Town of Spirit River will no longer have access to the Tervita Landfill as of September 25, 2015. This will not have an effect on the residential garbage curb side pickup and this service will continue to be on Wednesdays.

Residents who have landfill cards for Tervita will only have use of them until September 25, 2015. The Town of Spirit River has made arrangements to have access to the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management through the County of Grande Prairie for residential municipal waste and are currently in the process of discussing new landfill cards with the County of Grande Prairie to facilitate access for our residents to utilize this facility in a manner similar to what was in place with the Tervita landfill.

We have enjoyed unusually low tipping fees within our contract with Tervita and are now looking at tipping fees more in line with the norm for most municipalities, please be aware that our residents will see some cost increase reflected on their municipal utility bill.The Town of Spirit River administrative office will have the new fees calculated in time to include a notice in the next utility bill which will be issued at the beginning of October.  Council has also approved a grace period until December 1, 2015 for the new fees to come into effect.

As the Town does not provide a service for commercial waste removal and those entities contract removal independently, we would advise them to contact their commercial waste removal provider to see if those services are affected in anyway due to the change in service that Tervita provides.

We consider this change an interim solution. The Central Peace Regional Waste Commission, which includes the Town of Spirit River, Saddle Hills County, Birch Hill County, and the Village of Rycroft, is working hard on the development of a regional solution that should provide a more convenient, efficient and economical solution for our region.

Please continue to check the Town of Spirit River website and our Signal section for updates and more information.  Please also feel free to call the Town of Spirit River Office if you have any questions at 780-864-3998.

The Town of Spirit River Administrative Office

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