Public Works Trucks

Public Works:
Water Treatment Plant: 780-864-4153
Shop: 780-864-3977
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public Works Staff:
Interim Superintendent of Public Works: Chris Gostick
Municipal Operators: Tyler McMillan
                                 Kalven Chabot

Unmanned airport located next to highway 49. The Town doesn't sell fuel; therefore, you must make your own arrangements.
For airport landing conditions, contact Public Works at 780-864-0126.

Bulk Water:
The bulk water station is located on 52nd Street, south of Hwy 49.
There are two different sized hoses which operate with different systems:
  • 3" hose is a key operated system which requires a $200.00 key deopsit for the first key and $50.00 for each additional key. There is also a $200.00 annual deposit, which if you don't use this credit by December 31st of each year, any remaining amount is forfieted. To fill out an application for the use of the 3" hose, click here 
  • 1.5" hose is an account and pin number operated system which requires a one-time $10.00 account set up fee. This system is prepay only. To fill out an application for the use of the 1.5" hose, click here
Garbage pickup is every Tuesday. Garbage will only be picked up at curbside in front of your home with the proper waste cart (between 7am and 5pm).

Garbage and Recycling Fees
Garbage and recycling fees are charged to your monthly utility bill which is mailed out no later than the 15th of each month. Payment is due at the end of the month.

Waste Cart Program
Carts are available for purcahse at Town Office for $68.91 including GST/cart.
In accordance to the Garbage Bylaw No. 909, All property owners requesting Municipal waste pickup must have an appropriate cart. The garbage truck has lift arms to pickup the carts.
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